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Vol’s Vale

The town of Blackfen sits on the edges of the fetid fen of the same name. The men of Blackfen form large hunting parties and search the fens for the giant serpents that make their home there. The swamp is unusually warm, some even say that the realm of Muspelheim reaches into the swamps, heating the waters, making it possible for the serpents and other reptilian races to live there.

Blackfen is ruled by Jarl Hodskir Magvalsson. The Jarl’s seven sons serve as his huscarls.


Freysford is a small picturesque village situated next to a natural stone ford in the River Running. The ford is shallow enough to cross horses and strong wagons, but the water flows fast and can rise quickly due to snow melt.

The village is small, and is built around an ancient oak tree ringed with menhir inscribed with elven runes. The elves that dwell in the Alvileth Wood visit the tree from time to time and pay homage to their god, Frey. These elves have a good relationship with the people of Freysford, but shun contact with other humans and dwarves when possible.

Freysford is ruled by Jarl Valdr Sveirsson and a handful of elven huscarls that have pledged their lives and sword to the people of the village.


Horn Hall

An old inn and tavern built while trade relations between the Ankarans and Volkarans were strong, Horn Hall has been better days. With the fall of the Ankarans, fewer and fewer patrons frequent the famous drinking hall. The hall however, is still famous throughout the realms for its honeyed-mead. Honey provided from the combs of Freysford (some say the honey is ensorcelled by fey magic) is the key ingredient to the mead, which is shipped to Volkara in vast quantities.

The Horn Hall is owned by Sendri Mundsson, and is guarded by a contingent of dwarven warriors that call the inn home.




Rock Ridge

Moderate, Steady, Guard, Market, and Guild
Oaths: Westrun, Rock Ridge, Riverrun, Freysford, Blackfen

Ten Valleys

The Ruined Tower

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